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And NOW I am going to introduce to you my native country, POLAND,which has contributed significantly to winning freedom in the US. This is how it started:

POLAND was first mentioned and recognized as a state in the year 966 when it accepted baptism from Bohemian archdiocese in Prague. It became a powerful monarchy with its first crown king, Boleslaus I the Brave,1025 AD.

It is NOT a monarchy any longer. Poland ceased to exist as a monarchy, and an independent state in 1795, after beig divided among its neighbors: Prussia, Russia, and Austria. Poland regained independence in 1918, November 11.
(As a curiosum: one of the Polish kings, Sigismundus the Old, the king who defeated a powerful Turkish army in Vienna, almost married the English Queen, Elisabeth the First, some three hundred years ago. He married a fiery Italian, Bona Sforza instead.

Well, you all know -Elisabeth never married. Maybe this was why England became such a power. Makes one wonder, what would have happened had she have a husband and children?
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