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This site is dedicated to beautiful, intelligent, educated, talented, powerful and daring women who ruled their countries throughout history. They were of different origins and continents. They lived in distant eras and drastically different circumstances. They had no laws protecting them, so they created laws in a world dominated by men. These women knew how to become leaders and how to rule. They made and wrote history. They created powerful and wealthy states. They made laws and built schools. They supported education and the arts.

They were also, in most cases, mothers. They were protective of their children and their subjects. They were loved and honored by their own people and respected by their enemies. Without Miss Manners and Ann Landers they knew how to make the world a better place. These women made their places better: Hatshepsut, who might be called a master of marketing as she realized the power of the written word and its public display, and used it to advance and justify her ruling. Cleopatra, who knew how to lead the most powerful men to make them do, how and what she wanted, (Egypt).

Zenobia, the warrior queen, who dared the most powerful empire and dictated them her terms. The child-queen Jadwiga, who made a peace between fighting powerfuI countries and built universities and parochial schools in the 14th century! The virgin queen Elisabeth I, who sacrificed her private life for the country that she claimed to be married to, England, and which, thanks to her total devotion to it, became the most powerful and influential in the world. Maria Theresa, who, being a mother of sixteen children still had enough energy to run the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was instrumental in creating one of the very first codifications of law of her times. She understood the meaning of fair laws and assured making them work.

And the last of my queens, Catherine the Great, contemporary of Maria Theresa, one of the most educated women of her era; she became an empress of a foreign country to which she devoted her life totally building a powerful modern Russia.

All these women had characteristics in common: all were very well educated, and knowledgeable. They didn't take their ascribed social status for granted. They worked hard to either get and or retain their material, as well as intellectual & moral possessions. Being aware of the power of knowledge, they all strongly supported the development of educational and cultural institutions in their countries. They built powerful, wealthy countries by avoiding getting into wars. However, if they were challenged they fought and, for the most part - won. They won against many odds skillfully using a combination of acquired and inborn, distinctly women's traits.

I chose them because I admired them when I was reading about them growing up. I was and am fascinated by their survival strategies, their influence and capabilities, and capacities in which they acted. They didn't complain about a glass or concrete ceiling, they just shot up to the top and made it there. An apotheosis of what a woman can be and do.

There are more and more like them among us today...

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